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Soak Off Gel Nails:

   Are a LED light cured product which usually lasts two weeks. When you return in two weeks, we gently file the top coat off and then soak off your gels in a liquid designed to remove the gel gently from your nails. We than buff off any remaining gel and then re-apply a new basecoat and your choice of gel polish with a top coat. We have approximately 300 colors and 6-7 brands to choose from.

All of our gel lamps are LED. We DO NOT use UV lamps.

IBX; intense treatment used to improve the integrity of the Nail Plate. Can be used under gel polish. Aslo, used to target natural nail imperfections and weaknesses that prevent natural nails from growing.

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Bodipure Keratin glove; moisturize skin, strengthens nails, provides UV protection and anti-aging with a simple all in one treatment.

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   Our manicures typically last 7 days. We remove your polish, shape your nails and then soak your fingers. We use cuticle remover to gently push back your cuticles. We only cut dead tissue which has loosed naturally from having been soaked and pushed back. We rinse off the cuticle remover, dry off your hands and nails. We lightly massage your fingers, hands and cuticles. Using alcohol we remove all lotion from your nail plate. Using high quality base coats, top of the line nail lacquers and top coats, you walk out with beautiful, professionlly finished nails that last. 

Tips for long lasting nails: Use a top coat the day after your manicure and every third day until your next appionment. Anytime you may be caught doing the dishes, cleaning up a mess, USE GLOVES! They really do make a difference on how long your manicure  stays beautiful.



Gel is an LED light cured product that is hard when cured. Unlike the soak off gel, it can only be removed by filing. Due to its durability, it is great for overlaying natural nails that are weak, thin, chip or peel. Your favorite polish can be applied directly over it. Gel nails require a fill every two weeks. This service entails removing the polish, smoothing out the growth edge at the cuticle, filling it in with a new coat of gel, buffing it smooth and finishing with your favorite color and top coat.


Spa Pedicures:

All of our pedicures are done in spa tubs. We start by removing your polish, cutting and shaping your nails. Gently pushing back your cuticles with cuictle remover and trimming the necessary skin. We use high grit foot files to remove thick calluses along with stringent, nicely fragrant sugars scrubs to smooth out your skin. Wrapping your feet in hot steaming towels with emollient foot masks, you can relax and enjoy with the latest gossip magazines. Rinsing off your mask and massaging your feet, we apply your favorite color with a base coat first, color and top coat. Since you will always leave with your toes separators, we recommend using a top coat weekly to keep your spa pedicure looking fresh.

Footlogix; "dermal infusion technology", works from the inside out to provide regenerative effects. Mends cracked heels with proper use and hydrates dry skin. A true feel and see the difference product. Great for all and diabetics. 

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Esthetician Wanted- Should have some Clientele, knowledge in eyelash extentions, waxing and spray tan preferred. Microblading would be a great benefit












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